What to Look for in Bartending Courses

This article describes the different courses you can expect to take as a Maryland bartending student. If you’re a prospective bartending student near areas such as Baltimore, Glen Burnie, or Silver Spring, read below to find out more information about bartending classes offered near you.

How to Choose a Program

If you’re trying to decide which bartending program is right for you, take some time to consider the following:

  • Duration of Program: The best schools offer bartending courses that require approximately 32 hours to complete. Most of this time should be dedicated to allowing students to practice their new skills behind an actual bar under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
  • Classroom Structure: Classes should be taught in a room equipped with bar sinks, soda guns, beer taps, blenders and proper glassware.
  • Licensure: The bartending school you attend should be licensed by the state board of education. This licensing ensures that the school is financially stable and that instructors use state-approved teaching methods to train students.
  • Cost: Your education is not a purchase that should be taken lightly. The cheapest bartending courses often never provide the best training.
  • Also, consider contacting the school to ask if you can watch an actual class in session. During your visit, try to inspect the classroom to see if it’s clean, neat and can function like an actual bar.

What You’ll Learn

Quality bartending courses will teach you all of the skills you need to become a successful bartender. These skills include:

  • Opening and Closing Procedures: The program should teach you how to set-up the bar, including details such as liquor arrangements, cash register management, and any other specific duties or responsibilities.
  • Customer Service: Your classes should help you learn how to provide efficient and courteous service to customers. Knowing how to provide quality customer service will help you earn higher tips.
  • The Bartender’s Station: You should receive training behind an actual bar. The program should demonstrate how to set up a clean and orderly workstation as well as how to use the various bartending tools and equipment.
  • Methods of Mixing: Good bartending courses will show you how to make a variety of drinks. Some of the techniques that should be covered in this part of your training include:
    • Popular Liquors: Learn about the liquors bartenders commonly work with on the job.
    • Wines: Gain an understanding of the differences between various types of wines through courses in wine service and tasting.
    • Beer: Learn how to pour draft beer and tap a keg.
    • Preparation of Garnishes: Learn how to decorate tropical and specialty cocktails.
    • Speed Techniques: Discover how to handle multiple drinks orders quickly and with a great amount of accuracy.
  • Job Interview Skills: Many bartending schools help students learn interviewing techniques that will help them find full or part-time bartending jobs. This part of your training may include how to dress and how to best answer possible interview questions.
  • Alcohol Awareness: Make sure that your school offers bartending courses in alcohol awareness that provide detailed information on ID checking procedures, facts about alcohol, cut off techniques, responsible business practices, and state and federal alcohol laws.

In addition, if Flair Bartending interests you, check to see if your program offers a flair class. Flair classes will teach you special serving techniques such as flipping, spinning, throwing, balancing and catching bottles and various bar tools while in the process of making cocktails.

Why the Maryland Bartending Academy Could Be the Best School for You

Founded in 1980, the Maryland Bartending Academy is the oldest bartending school in the state of Maryland. Our program is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.We know that the real world, hands-on-training we provide will give you the skills you need to begin bartending right away.

Our bartending courses allow you to experience exactly what it feels like to be behind a completely functional bar. Each classroom is equipped with a full range of professional bar tools and equipment, such as front bars, back bars, cash registers, electronic soda dispensers, stainless steel sinks, cocktail units, overhanging glass racks, blender, ice machines, and draught beer dispensers.

Furthermore, our instructors are both experienced bartenders and educators. Our many years of experience ensure that our teachers provide the highest quality instruction that draws from their own real-world experience.

How to Contact the Maryland Bartending Academy

We are more than happy to discuss your individual questions about our bartending program. Please give us a call at (410) 787-0020 or fill out our quick online contact form to get in touch with one of our representatives.

We know that once you have visited the Maryland Bartending Academy, explored all the avenues open to you as a bartender, and been introduced to our Job Placement Assistance Program, you will be anxious to begin your new career as a bartender in the greater Baltimore and Washington, DC area right away.