What Does It Take To Be A Bartender?

If you’re young and/or ambitious and trying to make some extra cash, you may have found yourself asking, “What does it take to be a bartender?”

Well, the answer is that to learn how to get into bartending doesn’t take much. Anyone can be a bartender at a random, hole-in-the-wall restaurant if they want.

But being a GOOD bartender, one that is well-paid, well-liked and having fun, is a different story.

The Path To Bartending Glory

There is no single, formalized way to become a bartender. It’s not like becoming an engineer or a doctor, where there is a defined path.

Rather, there are several different paths you might take.

1. You can go to a restaurant/bar and get a job as a waiter, host, or bar-back and work your way up to becoming a bartender (can be somewhat long and hard due to competition, restaurant politics)


2. You can take the fast-track and go to school for bartending

Bartending schools, like the one here at the Maryland Bartending Academy [begin short sales pitch] where we have been training people just like you – aspiring bartenders – from places like Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Silver Spring, Ellicott City, Bethesda, and Washington D.C. – on what it takes to be a bartender for close to 30 years! If you’re anywhere in Maryland, contact us to attend a free bartending class today! [end sales pitch]

Going to school for bartending can be cool because it often times enables you to skip the whole restaurant politics thing.

But What Does It Take To Be A GOOD Bartender?

A good bartender has certain characteristics that set them apart from the average bartender.

Personable – A good bartender has to be very personable. Bartending is a field that is based on communicating with people all the time. You have to be able to talk with a variety of different types of people. Sometimes they may be happy, other times they may be down because of some personal problem, a good bartender can make anyone feel like they are talking to someone they have known for years.

A Good Memory – Bartenders are required to know a lot of different drink recipes, and most of them will be requested by bar patrons in a single night. A good bartender has to have a good memory to remember all of the recipes that they are being asked to make. Not to mention, a good memory can help with people skills as well. Who doesn’t like being remembered?

Quick – Hundreds of people file into bars and clubs every night. A bartender has to be quick enough to be able to serve all of these people in a timely manner. From racing back and forth behind the bar to pouring a line of shots at one time, a good bartender can accomplish most tasks in a matter of seconds.

Energy – A good bartender requires a lot of energy. You will be working long into the early morning, and want to keep the people you are serving entertained all night. A bartender with high energy is always a favorite among bar patrons.

Where To Learn These Characteristics

Most of these characteristics are personal, and individuals are usually inclined toward them or they’re not. But to a large degree, they are still learnable.

They can be learned through reading, watching movies, emulating others, and most effectively, by actually getting out into the world of bartending and practicing them for yourself.

So next time you ask yourself “What does it take to be a bartender?” know that the answer is… Not much.

Almost anyone can become a bartender.

But if you want to become a good bartender, one that enjoys their work, creates meaningful connections with their customers, and makes a lot of money at the same time, your question should be “What does it take to become a GOOD bartender?”

And that is practice.

Get Some Practice Now – Take The Fast Track

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