Trick Bartending

Have you ever walked into a bar and been impressed by the trick bartending skills of the guy or gal behind the counter? Also known as flair bartending, it is all about awesome entertainment for your guests.

If you are interested in becoming a bartender, or you would like to learn some new skills to wow your guests, this is a cool thing for you to look into.

What is Trick Bartending?

You might be wondering exactly what trick bartending is. Put simply, it is a set of fancy skills and maneuvers that a bartender uses while mixing drinks. In some cases, a great trick bartender can be one of the main features of a particular bar that distinguishes it from others.

A good bartender who can do dazzling tricks is a hot commodity.

To be a successful and prized bartender, the most important thing is to be passionate about what you do. If you’re passionate, the skill should follow, because you’re putting a lot of your energy into improving.

Flair Bartending + Great Personality = WIN!

In addition, you should think about how you come across to customers. If you have a good attitude and are warm and friendly to your guests, you’re more likely to have repeat customers, and you’ll probably get better tips too! Who wouldn’t want that?

That’s just the beginning, though. If you want to really blow past the competition, learning tricks and flair techniques will really set you apart. It’s not too hard to see why. If you’re a guest going into a bar, and you have one bartender who just picks up the drinks and pours, and another who grabs bottles and flings them around and juggles them, which one is going to be more appealing?

People go to bars partly for the atmosphere and the entertainment; after all, it’s meant to be a bit of an escape. Knowing some fancy tricks as a bartender is just another way to appeal to guests.

Training to Flair up your Bartending Skills

If you’re interested in trick bartending, you should think about taking a bartending class for it. There are a number of advantages to taking a class. The biggest one is time. If you want to get really good at bartending, and you’d rather not take months or years to get there, a class can teach you a number of important skills for you to build on from there.

This is even more pertinent when it comes to fancy tricks because those are harder to learn from a book than regular skills.

Your career in bartending can get a real boost from bartending classes. If you want to excel and set yourself apart from the rest in this exciting career, you owe it to yourself to look into learning trick bartending.