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Once you have completed the course at the Maryland Bartending Academy, the next step is to start looking for a job. As a graduate, you have full access to our job placement services. Of course, getting the job interview is only part of the process; you will also need a resume.

Besides showcasing your talents, strengths, and experience, a professional resume can save you hours of time when you are searching for a bartending job. Think about it. You enter a bar or establishment and ask for the hiring manager, he or she is not in or you are given a lengthy form to complete.

Wouldn't it be much easier to present your resume, in a sealed envelope? You won't waste time filling out the form, and you can be sure the hiring manager will be impressed with the thought and time you put into applying for the job.

Of course, building a resume is like preparing the perfect drink, it takes time, skill, and training. That's why the Maryland Bartending Academy offers its own resume writing and designing service. Not only it is affordable, it is handled by our own staff of professionals! Simply fill out the form, and we will handle the rest.

The Importance Of A Good Resume

Bartending is a career that is fast paced, fun, and exciting, but it's also a job that generates a great deal of cash revenue for an establishment. Employers are looking for the best bartenders available to help their business - whether it is a bar, restaurant, or club - you need to stand above the competition.

Over 90% of employers who are looking to hire a bartender will require them to submit a resume. Making sure they read your resume, and discover that you are the right person for the job, requires a solid resume. Having a well-written resume is crucial for any inspiring bartender, because it is the first thing that your potential future employer sees about you. It is your chance to show off your talents and skills.

Here are some things we include in your resume:

  • Your Personal Information: Name, address, phone number and email.
  • Objective: This is where you want to state the whole reason for sending out this resume. It is usually placed right in the beginning of the resume to let the hiring manager know what you are trying to accomplish, or are seeking from the job that is being offered.
  • Qualifications: This is where we list all of the skills you have related to bartending that qualifies you for the job. Remember, your resume is your one chance to get the job that you want; any skill that you feel will help your chances of landing the job don't leave out.
  • Education: In this area, we include an excellent description of the course you just completed at the Maryland Bartending Academy, along with any online courses you may have completed. We can also include your high school and college information if you prefer.
  • Work Experience: In this section of your resume write down any places that you have worked at in the past, or currently that relate to bartending. It could be a restaurant as simply a server, or as a bar-back at a local bar or even a liquor store.

A note about work experience if you are just starting out in the industry - if you don't have any, don't worry! Why? Because hiring managers and owners are happy to hire novice bartenders. It is easier to train newcomers - veterans may have picked up bad habits that are hard to "unlearn" and cause friction and confusion behind the bar.


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