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Other Courses Offered

Online Training

The Maryland Bartending Academy is an excellent place to learn the fundamentals of bartending. Learning how to properly tend bar requires hands-on experience – it is a skill that you learn by doing. Our facility is outfitted with a working bar that gives students real-world experience in a classroom setting. Video cameras record your performance, so you can review it with a professional, and work on areas that require improvement.

After you have mastered the hands-on part of bartending, mastering other skills and talents can be done via online courses. Not only do you strengthen your resume, you also show employers that you can take on more responsibilities, and earn more money. These courses have been developed with the input of education and bartending professionals.

These online training courses, when completed, provide the student with an authentic certification in each respective area. Having these types of certifications allow a bartender to speak more with his or her customers, and build the type of interactions that result in higher tabs, and increased gratuities.

The online training courses offered by the Maryland Bartending Academy can be taken whenever your schedule allows for the time. An internet connection is required, and at the end of each course, participants must successfully complete a test in order to receive certification.

Each of the online courses offered have been designed with the internet in mind, which means that in addition to having written information, participants will also be able to view videos and hear discussions with the instructors. The nature of the internet enables participants to follow links provided with the courses, so learning never ends.

Payment for these courses can be made through the website via your credit card. The information and training you receive allows you to become a better bartender – and opens up other possibilities, including manager-level positions.

On Premise

Four Hour Bartender Bootcamp

Want to learn bartending skills, but don’t have time for the entire course? Our Bartender Bootcamp will teach you the basics, including mixing techniques and give you time behind the bar to practice making the drinks. The course is held on various Saturdays throughout the year and is Four hours long.

Learn at Home

We developed the Learn At Home Flair Bartending Training Kit for those who want to pick up a new skill and do it in the comfort of their own home. The kit comes with all you need, including a complete set of bartending tools and a video that provides expert and comprehensive instructions.

For more information, please contact the Maryland Bartending Academy at 410-787-0020. We will be happy to answer any of your questions about our online courses.