Online Bartending Schools

If you have been thinking about bartending as a possible career move, you might have also thought about signing up for one of the many online bartending schools that have been popping up on the net.

Of all the jobs out there in the marketplace, one of the most fun and rewarding HANDS DOWN is that of bartending. You get to meet new people, hang out in an exciting and sometimes wild atmosphere, and make some great money to boot.

Hey, training for a new career online in the privacy of your own home sounds like a pretty good idea, right? Well, not exactly in the case of online bartending schools. While the flexibility and sometimes affordability of these online bartending schools sounds like a great solution, the fact is, you may wind up far less qualified than you’d hoped for.

You see, bartending, of ALL the jobs you could ever get, is a social affair. To help clarify that a bit, I mean you will be around PEOPLE every second you are at work. In the case of the busiest and most hopping nightspots, you will be around A LOT of people… yelling orders at you, tossing you tips, asking you to make drink after drink after drink. This environment can get pretty stressful and if your only education comes from a computer screen, you may quickly realize that the online bartending school DEAL that you just got, wasn’t such a great deal after all.

Now, let’s look at traditional classroom style bartending schools for a minute. What makes them so much better than their online counterparts? Well, for one, you are not dealing with virtual liquor…you are pouring the REAL STUFF! Nothing takes the place of actual experience no matter what career you are talking about and spending time mixing and pouring actual drinks will trump learning their recipes online ANY day.

In fact, for many people, true ingrained memories are not created simply by memorizing, they occur when DOING something physically.

Aside from just the physicality of the mixing and pouring, there is dealing with the customers. In a classroom bartending session, the instructors can arrange a mock bar setting and train you to deal with a busy if not unruly environment. They will get your skills up to speed so that you can handle just about ANY situation.

This type of training will be INVALUABLE as you work to make your name in the world of top-class bartenders. The reality of the situation will hit you soon enough when you are behind a bar…what kind of training will you have?

While online bartending schools might sound like the easy route to take, if you are serious about securing a high paying bartending job, the in-depth training and track record of a physical classroom setting will surely put you ahead of the online drink slingers.

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