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Responsible Serving of Alcohol Certification course.
(Off Premise)

Off-premise alcohol selling course if you will be working in a convenience store, liquor store etc. that sells alcohol products to be consumed off premise. (4-hour online course)

The course must be completed online on a schedule that’s convenient to you, however, you are required to complete a proctored test, which means you have to have someone supervise you while you take the test to validate your identity and verify that you complete the test without using any notes or reference materials. Provided you register through us, and are a graduate of the Maryland Bartending Academy the proctor’s fee is included in the cost of the course. If you are not a graduate and or choose to use a different proctor, other than the ones here at the Maryland Bartending Academy, an additional proctor’s fee will be charged.

After you complete the course material online, you will receive a course completion voucher. Next, you must contact the Maryland Bartending Academy and schedule a day and time to take the test. (Sorry no walk-ins) The proctor will give you access to the test, which will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Afterward, you will be issued your certificate for completing the course.

Students also receive an official PSCC wallet size certification card for Maryland Responsible Serving of Alcohol in the mail within 15 days. There is no additional cost for your certification card!

You will have access to the course and be able to review the course material for 30 days after you have completed the course and received your certificate.

Your Alcohol awareness certification is valid for a period of four years.

Comptroller of Maryland, Motor-fuel Alcohol, and Tobacco Tax Regulatory Division. The agency that handles Maryland liquor licensing and the regulations for servers of alcohol in Maryland.

The contact information for The Comptroller of Maryland is listed below. You can contact them to verify that online server certification can be obtained in Maryland. We have also listed that information where applicable.

The Comptroller of Maryland
Telephone: (401) 222-6541
Website: http://www.comp.state.md.us

MD Dram Shop Laws: No

MD Happy Hour Laws: The State of Maryland does not have state-wide Happy Hour Prohibitions. Such laws may exist in your city or county. Check with your local jurisdiction for any restrictions.

Can bartenders in MD work as a bartender with a felony conviction? Yes. A person with a felony on their record cannot hold an alcohol license in the state of Maryland but can serve alcohol.

Attention: There is a 2.5% service fee with all credit card payments

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