When looking through the open positions please follow the instructions on how to apply exactly the way indicated. If the lead indicates to contact the school for more details please contact the office during placement hours. The placement hours are Tuesday – Friday 3 pm – 5 pm.  In the past we have tried several different ways to get lead details to grads. Via Email, Posting the lead right on the site and via phone. Recently we have decided to go back to our traditional way of  phone calls during placement hours. We were finding it hard to get grads and employers to keep us updated with the required information we need in order for both to continue to be part of our placement assistance program. This will ensure that grads are keeping in touch with the school and updating us with the required lead info, employers are contacting grads back for interviews, grads are updating us as to where they are working or applying to and to offer help or suggestions to anyone having a hard time gaining employment. We are here to help in anyway but can not be successful at that unless we hear from you. We get calls daily from grads letting us know where they are working and please keep updating us with that information. We want to congratulate you and make note for when leads come in that require experience.  If you are having a hard time landing a position and have had interviews please contact Chantelle. She will be able to look over your resume, find out what questions they asked and your response. Most grads who get the interview land the gig. So it may be something small she can suggest for you to land the next one. The easiest way to land a position is to keep applying. Applying at 3 places and giving up is not an option. It will take more than that. Apply, Apply Apply!!! Please keep in mind October – February is a slow hiring time. You will need to use our leads and be proactive by applying on your own to places as well.  Chantelle graduated from M.B.A in 1999 and has experienced all of the same things most grads do. So she is always available for our grads.  Our main goals are to make sure you enjoyed our program, learned more than you could have ever thought in such a short time,  look great behind the bar and are successful at gaining employment  either through our placement assistance program or on your own.

Thank you,

M.B.A Team