How Long is Bartending School?

This is probably a question you’ve asked yourself time and again if you decided that you wanted to become a bartender, but felt like the traditional route of working your way up the chain in a restaurant wasn’t for you.

It can take just one week but

The real answer to that is…

It depends.

Like with community colleges and traditional four-year universities, it’s up to you to determine when you want to attend classes. Some classes meet for hours at a time, while others meet for shorter periods. Some classes meet only once a week while others meet more frequently.

No matter how long bartending school takes, once you graduate, you will be confident in your bartending skills and well on your way to earning extra cash!

Okay, but how long are bartender classes?

When considering how long bartending school takes and whether or not attending classes is for you, you need to think about your schedule and ask yourself questions like:

  • Will I be able to attend without it conflicting with other obligations?
  • Are my class options flexible enough that I can go at practically any time?
  • What is my chance of getting a job after bartending school?

Know that most bartending schools answer the question of “How Long Is Bartending School” with 40 hours of class time over one or two weeks.

You also have the option of taking Saturday classes that last for five weeks as well as classes that meet Monday through Friday either during the day or in the evening.

As you can see, the length of bartending school depends entirely on you, but think about this: Do you want to risk forgetting things because you only attend once a week?

Beyond that, are you able to commit three months to attending bartending classes?

If you answered no, then consider setting yourself up with a schedule that will let you go through school as quickly as possible so that you can get to earning money in no time!

Is there anything else that I should know?

When it comes to quality education, the length of the school should be secondary to how good the education it provides is. Instead of asking “How Long is Bartending School?” You should ask yourself “How will this school best benefit me?”

A good bartending school won’t just teach you the basics of bartending, it will also teach you all sorts of recipes for mixed drinks, tricks for dazzling your customers, and adding that personal flair that will lead to fun, excitement and some extra cash for you once you land your dream job.

When it becomes clear that the education you’re receiving is something that will serve as an investment for your future, the question of “How long is bartending school?” will be the last thing on your mind!

Where should I go to bartending school?

If you live in Baltimore, or surrounding areas like Columbia, Dundalk, or anywhere else throughout the Maryland/DC area, then Maryland Bartending is the only right answer!

If you want to see firsthand how much we can help you, come by and observe a single class for free.

Being one of the oldest bartending schools in the state of Maryland, we know exactly what restaurant owners want from their bar staff.

We don’t just answer the question of “How Long is Bartending School,” we also teach you everything there is to know about the business so that you can start raking in money the minute you start to work behind a bar.

Through the courses that we offer, you’ll learn all of the steps to becoming a bartender in Maryland by working behind a functional, fully stocked bar very similar to what you would find in just about any place that serves alcohol.

Once you’ve finished with your classes, we don’t just send you on your way either!

Through our job placement program, we work with several partners who have relied on us for years to provide them with both part-time and full-time help behind the bars of their establishments.

Our longstanding reputation for excellent quality and education means that no other bartender school in the area can help you the way that we can.

Are you ready to learn how to become a bartender today?

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