Hire A Bartender


If you are looking to hire a qualified candidate for a bartending position, the Maryland Bartending Academy is ready to work with you. For more than 30 years we have been supplying the service industry with bartenders who have been fully trained and are ready to provide excellent customer service, not to mention the latest, most popular drinks.

The Maryland Bartending Academy is the oldest of its kind in the state, and we believe in teaching students not just what to do, but why they are doing it! The result: knowledgeable bartenders who have an excellent understanding of the basic skills, and because they are new to the industry, they are easily trained and shaped. As new challenges arise, these bartenders are prepared to handle them – and are open to learning from their employers and managers.

Our instructors, including the founder of the academy, combine lectures with hands-on training at our fully functional bar located at the academy. Students learn more than just how to mix the perfect martini, they are taught how to open and close a bar, how to provide excellent customer service, and much more.

We are fully approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, so every one of our graduates is certified as a professional bartender by the state. Thanks to our reputation, the Professional Bartending Schools of America have made us an exclusive training facility for Maryland and Washington, DC. The academy is also affiliated with the Professional Bartending Advisory Board.

In addition to these credentials, we are the most recognized, and trusted, bartending school in Maryland. Employers from around the state, and across the nation, have hired our graduates. The reputation we have is a result of making sure students are familiar with every part of the bartender’s job.

If you are interested in hiring well-educated bartenders who have gained crucial experience under the tutelage of industry experts, please contact our placement coordinator today. She will be happy to discuss the requirements of the position before posting it to the online job site. In some cases, we can send candidates to you for interviews almost immediately.

Fill your open bartender position with a graduate of the Maryland Bartending Academy! Call us at 410-787-0020 or email.