Free Bartender Cheat Sheet

Anybody looking for a Free Bartender Cheat Sheet clearly has not yet attended the Maryland Bartending Academy for their official certification. How do we know? Simple. Bartenders who graduated from of our academy don’t NEED cheat sheets.

Just kidding. Most bartenders use them from time-to-time. Particularly when you’re first starting. Don’t feel bad about it! Within about a year, you’ll probably know all of them by heart.

But until then, we are here for you. It’s important to be able to quickly locate recipes for common drinks like martinis, margaritas, and manhattans, but more importantly, a Free Sample Bartender Cheat Sheet is important for the LESS common drinks (visit the link for a nice, free cheat sheet).

The link above has free recipes for about 40 drinks starting with the letters A-D. There are more comprehensive cheat courses available on that site for purchase. They’re pretty cheap–ranging from $10 to $40.

If you’re a working bartender right now, the electronic version may not help. It’s not exactly like you have a computer with you behind the bar.

Realizing the need for a really, nice solid Bartender Cheat Sheet, we here at the Maryland Bartending Academy are in the process of publishing ours. That’s right, the same one that we give our students will be available right here, free of charge.

If you want to be notified when we publish it, simply fill out the form below with your information. As soon as we publish it, we will send you an email with a link to the newly released document.

And of course, if you’re thinking about attending Bartending School to become certified, and you live in the Maryland, Washington D.C. or Virginia area, come to The Maryland Bartending Academy.