Gratuity Secrets Course Only $19.95

Gratuity Secrets - Maryland Bartending Academy

Discover the secret art of increasing your tips! Learn how to make 2-3 times more tips than average servers are earning. (10 hours online)

This course will teach you proven methods to increase your bottom line. It will help you develop strategies to maximize your overall tipping percentage and the customer’s overall bill, which is the basis for your tips.

Restaurants and bars rely on customer tips to supplement employee income, thereby keeping prices low and cutting down on sales tax the customer would otherwise have to pay. Because tipping is obligatory, the server assumes all the risk and reward, while the restaurant or bar can operate safely at a lower cost. Learn what it takes to provide the service that produces satisfied customers and great tips!

* The Gratuity Secrets Course can be used for training in all states!

You will have access to the course and be able to review the course material for 365 days after you login to the course initially.

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