Bartender Bootcamp




Bartending Bootcamp

Our one-day Bartending Boot camp is designed around a 4 hour accelerated course. During our Bartending Boot camp, you’ll spend majority of your training time behind your very own fully stocked practice bar. Behind the bar you will learn and practice Pouring techniques, Glassware, Mixing methods, popular cocktail recipes and much more.

Whether you are looking for a way to impress your guest at your upcoming party or event, fun outing with friends or date, upgrade your skills to work the next catering event for your company or just looking for an introduction to bartending with a hands on approach, here’s your chance.

The accelerated course with M.B.A’S instructors makes for a fun and informative class that will have you thinking beyond a simple rum and coke in no time. Sign up for our Bartending Boot camp class today!

Bartending Boot Camp classes will be held on various Saturday’s throughout the year. Registration in advance is required. Please visit for upcoming dates and times.

Cost: $99.00

Cost Includes: 4 hour course, Information guide that includes recipes and a tool kit.

Registration: Register online or over the phone 410-787-0020 payment in full is required at the time of registration.

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