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Cocktail Copyright only $25.00

Official Cocktail Copyright Citation

Let's face it, tending bar is a combination of art and science and the same can be said when you have created an original cocktail - the kind that has friends knocking at your door, or customers clamoring at the bar. So how can you be sure that you receive proper credit and the added business that comes with the notoriety of having been the creator of the next popular drink?

Simple, have the Professional Bartending Advisory Board issue you a Cocktail Copyright. This authentication is not only real, but it makes an excellent addition to your establishment - whether it is a man cave, garage, or drinking establishment.

The process is simple and begins when you complete the cocktail copyright request form. From there, our team at the Maryland Bartending Academy will have to do extensive research through various data bases to verify your cocktail's name is unique, and your ingredients do not already exist under a different name.

Once that has been confirmed, we will submit your unique cocktail along with our research results to the P.B.A.B. After their review, a Cocktail Copyright will be awarded Which names you as the "creator" of a unique libation. Only one official citation will be granted for each cocktail submission. When you receive this citation, it will be ready for framing and display in your home or your place of business. Your achievement also looks great on your resume.

So get behind the bar and start mixing it up! Having your very own Cocktail Copyright provides you with bragging rights, and may help put your establishment on the map.

Who knows? You could be responsible for creating the next world famous martini!

For more information about our exclusive Cocktail Copyright service, please contact the Maryland Bartending Academy  410-787 0020.


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