1.  Make eye contact the moment the bartender finishes with a customer. The bartender will be scanning their customers to see who needs to be served next.

2.  Look eager to make your order. Facial expressions say a lot in a loud bar.

3.  Never clap, whistle, or yell “HEY ME” or “I’M NEXT”. It’s not only rude. It will get you nowhere.

4 . Speak up. Order your drink loud enough for the bartender to hear you.

5.  Don’t touch the fruit tray. No one invited you to eat the fruit and it’s unsanitary.

6.  Don’t argue with your friends about who is going to pay for the round. Figure that out before you even order your drinks.

7.  Have your ID and money ready and in hand. Bartenders don’t have time to stand there and watch you fumble through your pockets or purse.

8.  Tip your bartender well on the first round. They will defiantly remember who you are and what you drink.

9.  If you’re not sure what to tip, 20% always seems to work out well.

10.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER tap your glass, can, or bottle on the bar expecting that you will be getting a faster drink or a quicker response.  BARTENDERS HATE THAT!!!!!

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