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2910, 2013

Open Your Own Bar – Maryland Bartending Academy

If you’re looking to get a job in bartending, Maryland Bartending Academy will not only give you the skills you need, we’ll also help you land a job with our job placement assistance service. Bars and restaurants know that [...]

2310, 2013

Bartending: A Versatile Career – Maryland Bartending Academy

We’ve talked about the versatility that a bartending career offers, both in terms of the high demand and variety of establishments that are looking for bartenders. Another aspect of bartending that increases its versatility is your ability to use [...]

1110, 2013

High Demand for Bartenders – Maryland Bartending Academy

Bartending is a popular career for many reasons, and here at the Maryland Bartending Academy, we can give you the training you need to get your bartending career started. One of the reasons why bartending is a great career [...]

110, 2013

The Origin of Octoberfest – Maryland Bartending Academy

Octoberfest got its start more than 200 years ago in Munich, Germany. Everyone knows that Germans love their beer, so it makes sense that they would have a festival devoted to beer. But is this the real reason for [...]


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