It’s not just science fiction anymore, the future of bartending may have arrived. This past Wednesday, Google held an I/O conference where MIT’s SENSEable City Lab debuted a new bartending robot. The robot is capable of mixing up to 100 different drinks, both virgin and alcoholic, from smartphone-enabled commands and orders given to it. The process is almost as simple as using a smartphone app to order your martini.

From BostInno:
The Makr Shakr comes equipped with three robotic arms, allowing the apparatus to shake, stir and pour. All customers need to do is choose the ingredients they’re craving, from the spirits and liquors to the juices and garnishes. After they punch in their order, an animated infographic pops up showing whose drink is up next, along with what’s in it. So, as patrons are hemming and hawing over what to imbibe, they can improvise based off what the stranger two stools down is sipping on.
The new technology seems to be encouraging more conversation and less confusion at the bar. It takes away the factor of not knowing what’s in certain types of drinks or not being sure if certain ingredients can make a viable drink. The bartending robot causes pop-up infographs to appear showing the details of a customer’s drink order. These robots serve up crowdsourced concoctions that patrons will enjoy. This innovation in bartending technology could be coming to a bar near you very soon.
Until robots are serving up drinks, we still have the dazzling, entertaining and personable profession of the modern bartender. Bartenders will still provide personality and great service that not even robots can replicate. If you’re interested in learning the art of bartending, contact Maryland Bartending Academy.
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