Ways to avoid hangovers- Do’s and Don’ts

These ways to avoid hangovers-these do’s and don’t’s can be very helpful, especially since alcoholic beverages and cocktails surround almost every major event. Weddings, birthdays, holidays, and more, include a fun-filled night of dancing, eating. and of course, drinking. With these marvelous events come the unwanted hangovers that we all dread, unless you have the drinking abilities of a 21 year old who can sling one back the very next day.  Start your new year off right and avoid these hangovers of pounding headaches and unbearable sickness by trying these tips and tricks.

The DO’s to avoid hangovers: 

DO stick with alcohols lighter in color. Red wine and dark alcohols (like bourbon and whiskey) are higher in congeners—byproducts of alcohol—than white wine and spirits like vodka and gin. The presence of more congeners can result in more severe hangover symptoms,

DO eat a balanced meal—filled with nutrients and vitamins—before you start drinking to decrease the potential of gastritis (inflammation of the gastrointestinal system). Steer clear of salty foods (which may make you thirstier and want to drink more) or anything greasy (which can make your stomach roil as the evening wears on).

DO drink tons of water. Yes, you hear it all the time, but hydrating with water is key.. Rule of thumb: Drink an 8-ounce glass of still water for every cocktail you down. Also, the morning after, take an electrolyte solution, such as Pedialyte or coconut water.

The DON’T’s to avoid hangovers:

DON’T mix different types of alcohol. It sounds like an old wives’ tale, but, there’s some good truth behind it: Mixing alcohols increases the level of aforementioned congeners in your body, upping the chances for next-day nausea.

DON’T hit that bottle of bubbly too hard. Carbonated beverages—beer, champagne—can actually speed up the rate that alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream, giving your body less time to metabolize it. The result: drunker, faster.

And, very important: Remember to be safe and be smart!

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