We know what you’re thinking. “What could a beertail possibly be? I’ve heard about a beer’s head but never its tail.” Well, that’s because beers don’t have a tail. The tail comes from cocktail, or the mixing of a beer and a cocktail to create a beertail. Because sometimes you can’t decide between an ice cold beer and a delicious cocktail. In the event you find yourself in this predicament, just refer back to this handy reference for a few unique beertail recipes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and your thirst.

Blood Orange Beer

This drink is based on a popular Columbian drink called a refajo, made with beer, a shot of aguardiente, and Colombiana soda. To make it, mix in 3 tablespoons of tequila with a scoop of blood orange sorbet and lime juice. Then add in your favorite light beer for a refreshing citrusy drink.


You’ve heard of 7 and 7, the winning combination of Seagrams Seven with 7-Up. But have you heard of 7-Up mixed with beer? A popular drink in France, Panache is half light beer and half 7-Up. Drink up for a lighter take on 7 and 7.

Beer Float

Imagine an ice cream float. Delicious right? Now replace the cola or root beer with a dark porter or stout with chocolate or peanut butter overtones. This is called dessert for adults, and it’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and your dark beer cravings.

Beery Mary

Mary’s been losing a lot of blood over the years, so give her a break and change her name by adding beer to your bloody mary instead of vodka.


Beery Mary too strong for your taste? Try a Michelada, a popular Mexican drink which is basically a Beery Mary but less intense because it lacks some of the traditional ingredients like horseradish.

Looking for the complete recipes to these and other beertails? Check out the link at the bottom of this post.


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