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We all know about Saint Patrick’s Day. What about all of the fun adult national drinking days of the year that we may be missing out on?• National Bloody Mary Day - January 1 – The perfect drink for cheap vodka. The Bloody Mary is the US’s most popular alcoholic drink for brunch. The Bloody Mary is considered [...]

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EXCUSE ME!!!! – Maryland Bartending Academy

HOW TO GET A DRINK AT A BUSY BAR…. 1.  Make eye contact the moment the bartender finishes with a customer. The bartender will be scanning their customers to see who needs to be served next. 2.  Look eager to make your order. Facial expressions say a lot in a loud bar. 3.  Never [...]

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WHO KNEW… – Maryland Bartending Academy

Before the 1950’s a screwdriver was only known as a vodka and orange juice. It is said that some American engineers working on oil rigs in the Persian Golf were working long and tedious hours. Seeking reprieve from the stress of working so many hours the engineers would discreetly pour vodka and orange juice [...]

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So You Want to Be A Bartender… – Maryland Bartending Academy

Do you admire those professional drink performance artists behind the bar known as bartenders? Have you always dreamed of mixing the perfect cocktail? Now’s your chance to try your hand at the exciting field of bartending! If you’re curious about bartending, it might be wise to ask a bartender a few questions on a [...]

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