Favorite Fall Cocktail Recipes

Fall is here and we are so excited to find new favorite fall cocktail recipes!! Break out the flannels, fire pits and ingredients containing the flavors of autumn. Certainly, there is no better time to satisfy your tastebuds with the delicious, warm flavors of cinnamon, apple cider, maple and ginger than the fall season. [...]

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Cocktail Copyright – Maryland Bartending Academy

Are you in need of a Cocktail Copyright? Do you ever wonder who created the Long Island Iced Tea? This popular cocktail is all the rage in bars and restaurants around the world, yet the inventor goes unknown. Have you created a tasty drink that has friends knocking on your door or customers gathering around your [...]

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Thanksgiving Cocktail Ideas – Maryland Bartending Academy

Thanksgiving is best-known for its traditional turkey and stuffing, but there are plenty of great drink ideas you can incorporate into the holiday as well. A Turkey and Sage cocktail plays on Thanksgiving’s palette with an appetizing combination of Wild Turkey 101, muddled sage, pumpkin butter, lemon, and Angostura bitters, which make for Thanksgiving [...]

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Beertails – Maryland Bartending Academy

We know what you’re thinking. “What could a beertail possibly be? I’ve heard about a beer’s head but never its tail.” Well, that’s because beers don’t have a tail. The tail comes from cocktail, or the mixing of a beer and a cocktail to create a beertail. Because sometimes you can’t decide between an [...]

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Summer Shot Recipes – Maryland Bartending Academy

Summer is a great time for get-togethers with friends and family. Whether you’re doing a backyard barbecue or hanging out in your favorite local bar, there are a few summer shot staples that you should know to either suggest or whip up yourself. Check out the drink recipes below to get started! Lemon Drop – [...]

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A Few Spring Drink Recipes – Maryland Bartending Academy

Spring has almost hit us with full force and warmer weather is right around the corner. Soon, it will be time to sit back in a chair in your yard and sip on some exciting Spring drinks. Here are a few recipes to tantalize your taste buds for the upcoming season: Watermelon Vodka Cocktail [...]

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Making Spirits Bright: More Holiday Drink Recipes – Maryland Bartending Academy

It’s cold outside, so take some advice from the lyrics of the Christmas Classic: stay for “maybe just one drink more” and “put some records on while [you] pour” one of these holiday-themed drinks*. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Pay tribute to the candy cane like a grownup and heat up the night with this peppermint [...]

Making Spirits Bright: More Holiday Drink Recipes – Maryland Bartending Academy2017-12-14T20:17:53-05:00

Holiday Drink Recipe: How to make Eggnog

No drink says Holiday Cheer more than eggnog. So we at the Maryland Bartending Academy thought we would take a step back from all of the professional bartending tips and tricks and instead provide you all with a recipe guaranteed to wow your friends and family this holiday season. Eggnog Recipe Ingredients: [...]

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Fall Cocktail Recipes

As Labor Day passes and summer comes to an end, there is one positive thing to look forward to, and that is some fall cocktails. So, we thought we would share some yummy fall cocktail recipes. Hot Apple Pie Ingredients: 2 oz Tuaca hot apple cider whipped cream cinnamon stick for garnish Preparation: Pour [...]

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