Baltimore wouldn’t be Baltimore without its iconic Berger Cookies, which uses a recipe that has been in Baltimore since the 1800’s. Now, Baltimore brewing company Full Tilt is celebrating the city’s favorite cookie with a Berger Cookie inspired (and infused) beer, called Berger Cookie Chocolate Stout. Full Tilt brewed the stout beer at the Peabody Heights brewery, and got a little help from the Debaufre Bakeries, which provided them with plenty of cookies for the brew. 30 pounds of cookie wafers and 300 pounds of Berger fudge went into a 90-hectoliter batch. That’s a lot of chocolate! Brewing the beer was no easy task due to its uncommon ingredients, but it’s finally ready, and was officially released last Friday. Look for this chocolate stout in the liquor store fridge near you.


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