As a bartender, there are certain Dos and Don’ts of the job. Do you know them?



  1. Ask yourself why: Why do you want to be a bartender. Is this a career path or a stop gap for something else? Your motivations for becoming a bartender will dictate a lot about your path in the business. Remember, bartending is not easy…
  2. Love what you do: Like we just said, bartending is not easy. So if you don’t love the job, consider a career change.
  3. Be attentive: Make sure you are constantly moving up and down the bar. Don’t stay in one place too long. Keep moving and make sure everyone is happy.
  4. Try to remember names and drinks: As a bartender, you will have regulars. And while you should treat them the same as other customers at the bar, you should go the extra mile to remember their names and their favorite drinks. Trust us, they will appreciate the extra effort.
  5. Go to bartending school: The best way to become a better bartender and get ahead in this industry is to attend a top Maryland bartending school, like the Maryland Bartending Academy.
  6. Have fun: Yes, bartending is a job, but it is a fun job. So please enjoy yourself!
  1. Stop Learning: In order to be a good bartender, you need to constantly be learning new drink mixes. After all, no one wants a bartender that has to look up every drink.
  2. Take the job for granted: Being a professional bartender is like any other job. Yes, it can be a lot of fun, but you must also act professional.
  3. Play favorites: Yes, you will have regulars, but you cannot play favorites. Keep moving and make sure you give everyone the same service and care.
  4. Get lazy: It is important to keep your bar clean. This is not just for aesthetic reasons either. Your customers will not want to fight through a wall of empty glasses to get your attention.
  5. Overserve: Never over serve a customer. As a bartender, you should know the warning signs of intoxication.

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