Everyone has their strategies they like to use when ordering drinks. Some like to hold their money out to get the bartenders attention. Others gesticulate wildly. Some prefer to keep their eyes focused on the bartender in the hopes that they’ll make eye contact. Sooner or later, everyone gets served, though some more quickly than others.

If there’s one thing Germans know, it’s beer, so it stands to reason that they’re probably pretty good at ordering it. Scientists at the Bielefeld University think they’ve figured out the quickest method for getting a bartenders attention to place a drink order. According to the English newspaper The Telegraph, the researchers observed 105 attempts at ordering drinks at several nightclubs in Europe in order to determine the most successful techniques. They used their findings in order to program a robot bartender so it would be able to determine body language that suggests people want to place a drink order.

The scientists found that the most successful ordering technique given a 35 second time frame was “standing squarely towards the bar with head facing forward,” which happened in 95% of the successful orders. The second most common tactic used was looking at the bartender, which occurred in 86% of successful orders.

Unsuccessful tactics included looking at a menu (1% success rate), looking at a drink display (3% success rate), and looking at ones money (7% success rate).

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