Bars are extremely competitive and because of this, they rely heavily on repeat business. So it goes without saying, regulars should be a bartenders top priority. And while a bartender should never play favorites, it does pay off to treat your regulars a little extra special. This can be as simple as remembering their names or what they like to drink.

Having a good memory can go a long way. But it is not always easy. So how do you remember your regulars’ names?

Name Memorization Techniques

  1. Repeat Names: Repetition is the key to memorization. When a regular introduces themselves, repeat their name back. This helps the memorization process and increases the likelihood you will remember the name. Then, try to use the regular’s name as often as possible throughout the evening.
  2. Association: When a regular tells you his/her name, take a long look at them and see if they have any distinguishing features. This can help you distinguish one guests face from another.
  3. Rhyming and Alliteration: It is simple and easy. Maybe Dale works in sales. Maybe Bobby is from Boston.
  4. Write it Down: Some people are very visual learners and it may help you to write the name down.
  5. Speak Up: If you did not catch a guest’s name right away, do not be afraid to speak up and ask someone to repeat themselves.

Hopefully you have found these tips helpful.

Remember, bartending is all about customer service. At the end of the day, while the ability to mix good drinks is important, the success of a bartender comes down to customer relations. And to your customer, nothing quite says personalized service more than hearing their name.

Happy Bartending!

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