When a person is dieting, it can often be hard to know which foods and beverages are still okay to consume during the course of a diet. Some diet plans have very specific foods and drinks that you need to stick to your diet. Alcohol is counted as a beverage and many drinks can have a surprising amount of caloric content. Consuming too many mixed drinks can cause significant weight gain.
If you tend to overeat when you drink, it may be best to avoid alcoholic beverages altogether. If you want to maintain a social routine and still stick to your diet, there are a few beverages you can stick to that will ensure you keep the pounds off but still enjoy the occasional drink or two.
Wine: Very low calorie – Having a glass of wine with your meal can sometimes even be healthy. Most wines typically range from 25 to 35 calories an ounce. “Dry” wines typically have little to no sugar while sweet wines have a higher sugar content. Five ounces of wine nets around 125 calories, which is a paltry amount considering a Big Mac can clock in at a little under 800 calories.
Stick to light beers – Contrary to popular belief, darker, heavier beers like Guinness Draught have fewer calories per 12 ounces (125 calories) than most regular domestic beers. A pilsner-style domestic light beer can usually have as little as 55 calories per bottle, which is even less than wine! Label reading the beers will be the best bet in finding out how many calories a certain beer is.
Handle your liquor – The calories from the mix of sugar and alcohol make most liquors a non-diet friendly beverage. A single shot of coffee liqueur alone can be around 200 calories! Carefully managing many of these sweet liquors and not overindulging is the key to sticking to whatever diet you may have.
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