It’s like having a career in a suitcase! Work anywhere in the world, from a nightclub in Las Vegas, to a ski lodge in Vail, to a cruise ship on the Caribbean.

Bartenders can earn $100 to $300 (even more) per shift. A typical bar customer tips one or two dollars a drink, and that adds up fast on a busy night. Who wouldn’t like going home with a pocket full of cash after working?

Work evenings and weekends. Bartending jobs offer flexible full or part time hours that fit your schedule.

It’s really easy to make friends or find romance. Bartenders are at the center of attention. Everyone needs to go to the bar to get a drink, what better way can you think of to break the ice and meet people?

Bartenders work in a fast paced environment that is mentally stimulating. It’s rarely slow or boring; time just flies by when you’re having fun.

Job security. You will always have a job somewhere if you are a good bartender. In good times and bad, people will always drink! Imagine if you lost your job; it’s comforting to know you can always fall back on bartending, to pay the bills.

Make your friends envious. Bartenders can usually afford to wear nice clothes and drive new cars.

Bartending is a great way to network and promote a current job or project you may be working on.

Do you like to watch sports? Bartenders usually never miss their favorite team playing because of work!

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