Bartending is like a career in a suitcase! You can work anywhere in the world, from a nightclub in Las Vegas to a Ski Resort in the Alps to a Cruise Ship sailing the Caribbean. A career in bartending can take you places that you never even imagined!

Other Benefits of a Bartending Career

  • Money: Bartenders can easily make $100-300 or more in a single shift.
  • Flexible Hours: Work evenings and weekends or part time hours that fit your schedule.
  • Socializing: What other job allows you to socialize as much as bartending?
  • Networking: Bartending is a great way to meet new people and establish future business connections.
  • Job Security: The world will ALWAYS need bartenders. In both good times and bad, people love to drink.
  • Exciting: A career in bartending is rarely boring!
  • And much more!

Getting Started with the Maryland Bartending Academy!

Thinking of attending bartending school and live in the Baltimore, MD, or Washington DC areas? Check out the Maryland Bartending Academy! We are not only Maryland’s oldest bartending academy, but we also offer the most comprehensive curriculum around.

Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality instruction in the best learning environment available!

Here at the Maryland Bartending Academy not only will we have you ready for your new career in two weeks but we will then help you find bartender jobs around Maryland and DC! We have trained and placed thousands and thousands of bartenders into some of the busiest bars throughout not only Maryland and DC, but also the entire nation.

If you have any questions about a Career in Bartending, please contact the Maryland Bartending Academy by calling 410-787-0020 or visit today!

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