Cash flow and proper sales control are crucial elements in any bar, restaurant, or lounge. And as a bartender, you are directly responsible for the efficiency of such sales control. The key is to follow the management prescribed “House Rules,” as well as certain guidelines common to most establishments.

In Part 1 of this two part series, we addressed such topics as: Knowing the “House Rules,” Understanding the Bank, Proper Cash Handling, and Dealing with Tabs.

Understanding “House” Cash Flow & Sales Control (con’t)

5) Accepting Credit Cards

  1. Transfer the information from the check or tab to the appropriate charge slip.
  2. Swipe the credit card and wait for the approval code to make sure the following information is clearly printed on copies of the sales voucher: cardholder’s name, card number and type, expiration date, and the amount of the sale.
  3. Hand the sales voucher to the customer along with a pen.
  4. Take the signed voucher when ready and double check the amount.
  5. Provide the customer with his/her copy.
  6. “Ring out” the transaction.
  7. Place the complete voucher in the appropriate place in the register.

6) Dealing with Checks

NEVER EVER accept a personal check without proper identification and authorization from management. Without such authorization, you may be held financially responsible for bad checks.

7) Paid Outs

First of all, never make a “Paid Out” unless you have been given the authority to do so. If you are ever called upon to make a “Paid Out” from your register, be sure to get a receipt from the merchandise and place it in the drawer (just like cash).

Happy Bartending!

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