Believe it or not, there are actually four different pouring techniques used by bartenders.

  1. Free Pouring: The most popular pouring method used is free pouring, allowing bartenders to pour 2-4 bottles simultaneously. This method helps improve both efficiency and speed. And while it may seem like free pouring could lead to inaccurate measurements, skilled bartenders are surprisingly accurate.
  2. Hand Measuring: Perhaps the most accurate method of pouring, hand measuring is also one of the slowest. This is because hand measuring requires the bartender to pour each liquor into a measuring device, meaning the bartender has to pour each liquor individually. Still, this is the pouring method utilized by 20% of Baltimore bars.
  3. Pre-Measured or Controlled Pourers: These types of pourers tend to be expensive and malfunction frequently.
  4. Electronic Liquor Dispensers: These electronic systems are expensive and, because of this, are not very popular, despite being very user-friendly.

The technique of choice for a bartender depends on several factors, including personal preference, drink selection, and management policy.

Free Pouring Tip: Silent Counting

To test your skill at free pouring, try the following exercise.

  1. Grab an empty glass, a measurer and bottle of liquor with a slow plastic pourer.
  2. Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle and pour the liquor into the empty glass.
  3. Count silently in your head. Each second should equal a half once of liquor.
  4. Test your accuracy by pouring the empty glass into the measurer.
  5. Repeat until you are pretty accurate!

Happy Bartending!

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