Every good bartender has the same common traits. So what are these common traits?

Common Traits of a Good Bartender

  1. Remembers Names: No, not everyone’s names, only the regulars.
  2. Remembers Drinks: After a round or two, it’s impressive if a bartender knows what a customer is drinking. It is even more impressive if you ask them if they would like another drink before they ask you.
  3. Personable: At the end of the day, bartending has almost as much to do with customer service as it does making good drinks. As a bartender, you are expected to be friendly, funny, and the life of the party.
  4. Doesn’t Play Favorites: Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than a bartender who stays on one end of the bar. Keep moving. Show the same amount of care and attention to everyone.
  5. Keeps a Clean Bar: No one likes a dirty bar. So be sure to maintain a clean bar. Your customers will appreciate it.
  6. Makes Good Drinks: Of course, the bread and butter of any good bartender is the ability to make good drinks. That is what keeps the regulars coming back each and every week, because, at the end of the day, if you make bad drinks, it doesn’t matter how friendly you are…people will not be happy.

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Happy Bartending!

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