We would want to wish you the very happiest of holidays. Even though you are probably quite busy getting ready for the upcoming holidays, that’s no reason to let a golden opportunity pass you by. Bartending here in the Maryland region is one of the fastest growing careers in the state, and with salary plus tips, a bartender’s earning potential is tremendous.

As the oldest bartender school in the state, Maryland Bartending Academy in Glen Burnie, has prepared thousands of people (just like you) for exciting full and part time positions in area bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, staffing agencies, private parties and resorts.

The MBA name is also the best known and respected among local bar owners and managers. 8 out of 10 new students enrollments are referred to us by MBA graduates, or by potential employers; they trust our name, and know they can count on our training to provide them with highly qualified professionals.

The best way to find out about our school is to visit. Please join us for ONE FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS. We promise we won’t twist your arm to get you to sign up. There is never any hassle or pressure to enroll. You will get a chance to see our state-of-the-art facilities, learn a few drink recipes, and meet and talk to some of our current students. We “GUARANTEE” you will be happy you came in.

As a reminder, we can start you as soon as Monday, and with only a 100.00 dollar deposit you can reserve your seat in an upcoming class over the phone.

With our current tuition still reduced to $490.00, you definitely want to take advantage of the 1990’s tuition rate.

Don’t put it off another day, call now! 410-787-0020


Maryland Bartending Academy

email mail@marylandbartending.com

If you have any questions about Bartending Tips & Tricks or wish to register for an upcoming class, please contact the Maryland Bartending Academy by calling 410-787-0020 or visit MarylandBartending.com today!

Maryland Bartending Academy is not only Maryland’s oldest bartending school, but we also offer the most comprehensive curriculum around. We will have you ready for your new career in two weeks and then we will help you find bartender jobs around Maryland and DC! We have trained and placed thousands and thousands of bartenders into some of the busiest bars throughout not only Maryland and DC, but also the entire nation.

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