Most bars or cocktail lounges have their liquors arranged in 3 categories to increase bartender efficiency and convenience. These categories are:

  1. Rail Liquors: Also known as bar or house brands, these liquors are located behind the “front” of the bar in a speed rack, also known as a “well” or the “rail.” These liquors are most often purchased from a wholesaler at a fairly low cost to the establishment.
  2. Call or Name Brand Liquors: The next step up in bar liquors is call or name brand liquors. These liquors are generally more expensive and are displayed on the “back” of the bar, arranged in sections according to liquor type.
  3. Top Shelf Liquors: Also known as premium, super call, or super premium brands, top shelf liquors are the best of the best. Examples of top shelf liquors include: Chivas Regal and Crown Royal.

As a new bartender, it is important to familiarize yourself with the liquor arrangement and pricing to help ensure maximum efficiency.

“Up Selling” Liquors

As a bartender, it is important to offer your customers the opportunity to upgrade their drinks. “Up Selling” is the technique used by bartenders to accomplish this. It will make the bar more money and should also help increase your gratuity. No that is what we call a win-win.

Examples of “Up Selling” techniques:

  1. A customer orders a rum and coke and you respond, “Is there a particular brand of rum you would prefer? We have Bacardi, Captain Morgan, and Myers.”
  2. A customer orders a Sex on the Beach. Ask the customer if they would like you to use Chambord in their drink.

These techniques will help increase the frequency in which your customers order name and premium brand liquors.

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