Contrary to popular belief, it takes a lot to be a good bartender. And as anyone who has ever been to a bar knows, there are some big differences between good bartenders and bad bartenders. So what are these differences?

Good Bartender

  1. A good bartender knows his regulars by name.
  2. A good bartender can take multiple orders at once.
  3. A good bartender knows how to mix a plethora of drinks.
  4. A good bartender spends their time moving around the bar, not playing favorites.
  5. A good bartender makes sure their customers’ drinks are never empty for long.
  6. A good bartender makes sure their bar is clean.
  7. A good bartender never over serves and knows the signs of intoxication.
  8. A good bartender takes pride in their work.
Bad Bartender

  1. A bad bartender never remembers anyone’s name.
  2. A bad bartender is easily overwhelmed and often messes up orders.
  3. A bad bartender does not know how to mix drinks and often has to step away to look up drink recipes.
  4. A bad bartender plays favorites and often neglects guests.
  5. A bad bartender takes their time to refill drinks.
  6. A bad bartender lets their bar accumulate clutter, including empty glasses, napkins, and other trash.
  7. A bad bartender does not know how to spot the signs of intoxication.
  8. A bad bartender just bartends to receive a paycheck.

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Happy Bartending!

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