Are you in need of a Cocktail Copyright?

Do you ever wonder who created the Long Island Iced Tea? This popular cocktail is all the rage in bars and restaurants around the world, yet the inventor goes unknown. Have you created a tasty drink that has friends knocking on your door or customers gathering around your bar wanting more? If so, don’t let your amazing creation go unnoticed!

What will I receive?

By obtaining a Cocktail Copyright through the Professional Bartending Advisory Board, you will receive an authentic citation, which  makes an excellent addition to any drinking establishment or bartending resume.

Is it a difficult process?

The process to receive your very own Cocktail Copyright is very simple, and begins when you fill out the Cocktail Copyright form. Once the form has been completed, our team here at Maryland Bartending Academy will do extensive research to be sure your cocktail is under an original name and contains original ingredients that are not found under any other given name. Once reviewed and approved, your original cocktail along with our research results will be sent to the P.B.A.B to be reviewed. After they have reviewed your cocktail and all is well, you will be awarded the Cocktail Copyright under which you will be named the creator of the drink.

What are you waiting for?

Create your very own Cocktail Copyright today! Who knows, you could become the  inventor of the next world class martini or tropical cocktail. If you would like to get started today, and create your very own cocktail, check out the Cocktail Copyright form now!

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