Being a great bartender involves more than just making great drinks, although making great drinks is a great start! But more than just being a mixologist, a great bartender is also an entertainer.

Bartending Tips: Being the Best Bartender you can be!

  1. It all starts with Attitude: No one likes a grumpy bartender. More importantly for you, no one will tip a grumpy bartender. Remember, people go to bars to have a great time. So even if your day has not gone the way you had hoped, put on that smile and be the best host you can be.
  2. Don’t Focus on Tips: Yes, you want good tips. But focusing on tips is not the way to go about it. Focus on customer service and the tips will come!
  3. Be alert and ready: Your customers do not want to wait to be served. So stay alert and help your customers as you see them. And if you see someone with a low drink, don’t hesitate to ask them if they want another. They will appreciate the speedy service!
  4. Don’t Play Favorites: Nothing is more frustrating than a bartender who stays on one end of the bar. Don’t play favorites and keep moving. Show the same amount of care and attention to everyone.
  5. Make Great Drinks: There it is…great drinks! You knew it would come up eventually. After all, at the end of the day, people visit a bar for the drinks. And nothing is more frustrating than a bartender that does not know how to make a drink. So do your best to familiarize yourself with the most popular drink recipes out there.
  6. Make Suggestions: If a customer looks indecisive, don’t hesitate to make a suggestion.
  7. Maintain your Bar: A messy bar is a no-no. Do your best to keep your bar clean. Wipe down the bar top anytime you notice a spill. And pick up any trash you see lying on the bar. Clear empty glasses from the bar. Your customers will appreciate it!
  8. Be Professional: Maintain a professional appearance and conduct yourself accordingly. Bartending can be a very fun job, but it is still a job!

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Happy Holidays from the Maryland Bartending Academy!

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