If you have ever considered a career in bartending, the first question you probably contemplated was money. How much does a bartender make in a night? Well, unfortunately there is no one answer. It varies and depends on a number of different factors, including location, bartending skills, and experience.

  1. Location: As you can probably imagine, where a bartender works has a huge effect on a bartender’s earning potential. For instance, a bartender Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse can make as much as $500-$600 per night, while a bartender at TGI Fridays or another chain restaurant can expect to earn $200-$250 per night.
  2. Bartending Skills: The better you are at your job, the more likely it is that you will earn more in between wages and tips.
  3. Experience: Professionally trained bartenders are more attractive to employers and can more easily land jobs at higher-end restaurants.

So what’s the best way to gain experience and grow your skills as a bartender to help you land one of those high-end bartending jobs? Enroll in classes at the Maryland Bartending Academy! Of all the bartender schools in the MD, DC, VA area, none has as comprehensive a curriculum as we do.

You will learn everything needed to be a successful bartender, including:

  • Opening and Closing Procedures
  • Customer Service
  • Glassware
  • Bar Set-Up
  • Liquor Arrangements
  • The Bartender’s Station
  • Bar Tools and Equipment
  • Bar Measurements
  • Methods of Mixing
  • Cocktail Additives
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Distilled Spirits
  • Popular Liquors
  • Understanding Wines
  • Preparation of Garnishes
  • Draught Beer Systems
  • Cash Register Training
  • Job Interview Skills
  • State and Federal Laws
  • Alcohol Awareness

… and more than 200 popular drinks.

If you have any questions about Bartending Tips & Tricks or wish to register for an upcoming class, please contact the Maryland Bartending Academy by calling 410-787-0020 or visit MarylandBartending.com today!

Maryland Bartending Academy is not only Maryland’s oldest bartending school, but we also offer the most comprehensive curriculum around. We will have you ready for your new career in two weeks and then we will help you find bartender jobs around Maryland and DC! We have trained and placed thousands and thousands of bartenders into some of the busiest bars throughout not only Maryland and DC, but also the entire nation.

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