At the end of the day, while the ability to mix good drinks is important, the success of a bartender comes down to customer relations, his or her ability to relate to the customer. A bartender is expected to be professional, yet friendly, a skilled mixologist and a comedian. A good bartender needs to be cool and calm.

Bartending and Customer Relations Tips

  1. Keep on Smiling: Always great the customer with a smile.
  2. Be Respectful: Always address the customer as “sir” or “ma’am.” And always be polite and respectful.
  3. Talking Points: You are expected to be everyone’s best friend. You are supposed to be talkative and funny. But be sure to avoid the following topics: ethnic or off-color jokes, religion, politics, sex, and your personal problems. Remember, you are a professional.
  4. Regulars: Bars are very competitive and rely on repeat business. Because of this, it is important to treat your regulars a little extra special, without playing favorites. Do your best to remember their names and what they like to drink. Having a good memory can go a long way.
  5. Check In: Occasionally check in on customers as you move up and down the bar. Ask them how they are doing, if they are enjoying their drinks, and if they need anything.
  6. Keep Moving: Don’t get stuck at one end of the bar!
  7. Busy Bartender: If you are busy and see a customer waiting, do not ignore them. Inform them that you will be with them shortly. And be sure to serve your customers on a first come, first serve basis. Nothing is more frustrating for the customer than watching a bartender serve someone who has not been waiting as long.
  8. Disrespectful Customers: Of course, there will be instances when polite and courteous service becomes nearly impossible, but these are exceptions and should be handled with as much reserve as you can muster. And if the situation is out of your control, contact the manager or bouncer to properly handle the situation.
  9. And Much, Much More!

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