As a bartender, you are not only expected to make exceptional drinks, but also to be as personable as possible. After all, no one likes a crabby bartender. In this business, personality is just as important as your knowledge of drinks and your skill behind the bar.

Personality can be the difference between a GREAT bartender and a forgettable bartender!

It is important to maintain a polite and friendly attitude towards all of your customers, regardless of how you may personally feel about him/her. And trust us; there will be those customers that you just can’t stand. But you cannot let your personal feelings about a customer show.

Bartending Tips: How to be more Personable

  1. Be Pleasant: Service with a smile. Remember, you are the “host” of the establishment. Your customers may judge the entire business based on your performance and the quality of your service. So don’t forget to be polite. Sincere compliments are always welcome!
  2. Remember Names: It is important to remember the names of your regulars and what they like to drink. It will help make their experience more enjoyable.
  3. Be Respectful: When taking group orders, always take the ladies’ orders first and serve them first. Then move on to the men. And, if you have time, always go back to make sure everything is satisfactory.
  4. Be Efficient: You must learn how to balance being attentive and courteous while being a fast and efficient bartender. Don’t get caught up in long conversations. Keep your head on a swivel and continuously monitor your customers.
  5. Be Professional: Refrain from using profanity and avoid talking about religion, politics, sex, or your personal problems.
  6. Look the Part: It is extremely important to maintain a professional appearance, posture, and demeanor.

Take Pride in your Job and Strive to be the BEST Bartender you can be!

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