If you’re looking to get a job in bartending, Maryland Bartending Academy will not only give you the skills you need, we’ll also help you land a job with our job placement assistance service. Bars and restaurants know that we prepare our students with everything they need to be successful as a bartender, which is why they let us know when they have open positions. As a result, we’re highly successful at placing our students after they’ve graduated from the academy.

Another option for graduates who have entrepreneurial goals is to open your own bar. Not only will Maryland Bartending Academy give you skills behind the bar, you’ll also gain an understanding of the business side of the world of bars and how it works. The demand for bars is always steady, and they’re always popular places to go. If you’ve got some business savvy you can easily open your own bar and put your both your business and bartending skills to good use. Been looking for the perfect sports bar in your city but can’t find one? Open your own! Do you have an idea for a new theme bar that you know will be a hit? You could even take your skills and open an expat bar in a foreign country that you’ve always wanted to live in. The potential is there with an education from the Maryland Bartending Academy.

If you have any questions about Bartending Tips & Tricks or wish to register for an upcoming class, please contact the Maryland Bartending Academy by calling 410-787-0020 or visit MarylandBartending.com today!

Maryland Bartending Academy is not only Maryland’s oldest bartending school, but we also offer the most comprehensive curriculum around. We will have you ready for your new career in two weeks and then we will help you find bartender jobs around Maryland and DC! We have trained and placed thousands and thousands of bartenders into some of the busiest bars throughout not only Maryland and DC, but also the entire nation.

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