Attending bartending school is only the first step toward starting your career as a bartender. The next step is the job search. Even though the economy is slowly improving, the job search is still difficult in any market, which is why you need a leg up on the competition if you want to land your first bartending job.

This is where the Maryland Bartending Academy comes in. Not only do we provide you with the education you need to become a bartender, we offer a comprehensive job placement assistance service that will help you land a job right out of school. You’ll speak to placement coordinator who will help match you with a job that fits your needs and goals. We also offer access to an online job bank which contains many full or part time bartending jobs that are unadvertised. This gives you a huge advantage over non-graduates who are relegated to the classifieds.

As the Professional Bartending Schools of America’s exclusive training facility for the entire Maryland and Washington DC area, not only will you receive first-rate job placement assistance for local jobs, you also have access to our nationwide network of placement assistance. If you’re looking to bartend in another state, we can set you up with our closest affiliate in your new area.

Our reputation as the premiere bartending academy in the area means bar owners and managers turn to us when they’re looking to fill new positions. Let Maryland Bartending Academy get you on the path to a career in bartending with our exclusive access to new positions and our excellent job placement assistance services.

If you have any questions about Bartending Tips & Tricks or wish to register for an upcoming class, please contact the Maryland Bartending Academy by calling 410-787-0020 or visit today!

Maryland Bartending Academy is not only Maryland’s oldest bartending school, but we also offer the most comprehensive curriculum around. We will have you ready for your new career in two weeks and then we will help you find bartender jobs around Maryland and DC! We have trained and placed thousands and thousands of bartenders into some of the busiest bars throughout not only Maryland and DC, but also the entire nation.

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