Bartending is a popular career for many reasons, and here at the Maryland Bartending Academy, we can give you the training you need to get your bartending career started. One of the reasons why bartending is a great career option right now is because of high demand for bartenders.

High Demand

There’s always a high demand for bartenders. As the 9-5 job market is still recovering, this makes bartending an even more appealing career option. With the opening of new casinos in Maryland, the market for bartenders here is very advantageous to job-seekers. In addition to the casinos, restaurants and hotels that support these casinos are looking for bartenders as well.

Even if you’re not looking to stay in Maryland, you can take your bartending career with you. A good way to describe bartending is “a career in a suitcase.” You can take your bartending skills to any major city and find work, which makes it great for those who are on the move. Bartenders can follow seasonal markets as well. Bartenders in Ocean City make a pretty penny during the summer months, and then head down south for the winter.

High demand is just one of the many reasons why bartending is an exciting career option. We’ll be talking about more great reasons to become a bartender in future blogs, so keep up with our blog here at the Maryland Bartending Academy.

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