Let’s say you want to be a bartender, but you also want to be your own boss. That’s great, because there are plenty of bartending opportunities that let you set your own hours and rates, while still getting to do the job you love.

In a recent blog post, we talked about opening your own bar, a great option for Maryland Bartending Academy Graduates with business savvy and a drive to make it happen. Another option, if you prefer to be more mobile, is to start your own mobile bartending service.

Mobile Bartending

What does a mobile bartender do? Simply put, they bartend at private parties. Bartending at private parties has a ton of benefits. First, you get to go to lots of different venues and meet lots of new people. Second, you can use skills and bartending tricks to impress people and build your reputation as a bartender. Reputation is everything in the mobile bartending business; as you gain a reputation, you’ll find yourself bartending at exclusive parties and commanding higher rates too. You can also do smaller events for friends and family. With a career in mobile bartending, there’s literally no limit to where you can go. All it takes are skills, which, as a graduate of the Maryland Bartending Academy, you’ll have, and the drive to succeed. Take your drink mixing skills on the road with a career as a mobile bartender.

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