Best Bartending School Reviews From Students

The following are actual quotes and comments from Maryland Bartending Academy Graduates. Here’s what they had to say…

“The Maryland Bartending Academy is the only school to enroll in if you won’t settle for less than the very best.”

“I loved this course!!! Will highly recommend it to anyone wanting to be a bartender.”

“Your help in finding me a job has given me a good start for a career as a professional bartender. The four interviews you sent me on, I went into with more confidence than ever. By the way, all four offered me a job and I had my choice. I made back the tuition in just one and a half weeks and will have the knowledge forever. Thanks again for all of your help.”

“I have been teaching in the Prince George’s County school system for 28 years. I have been impressed with the instructional level of the academy.”

“These past two weeks have been a lot of fun, but also very informative….I would definitely recommend this school.”

“This…is to express what a wonderful and knowledgeable program you have to offer at your school. I graduated from MBA…and was working as a bartender the very next day. You have an excellent and professional staff. Keep up the good work, I will be referring friends and spreading the word on the good experience and education I received.”

“I appreciate the knowledge and skills that I gained from my Mixology course with you. I came in as a working Bartender with nine months experience behind me. Even with my experience, I found that the two week course gave me a great deal more confidence in myself and my bartending ability. My confidence is such that I know I can work any bar now. The reason for my confidence is that I learned the proper methods and procedures of Mixology in your course. I highly recommend your course to anyone who is seriously interested in Bartending.”

“I am going to miss coming to this class. I not only learned a lot about bartending, I gained self-confidence.”

“The two week course at the Maryland Bartending Academy was, for me, time and money well spent. After graduation, I found a job managing and setting up a brand new bar, something I could not have handled without proper training. MBA provided not only the proper method of making a great many drinks, but also the necessary techniques needed to successfully run a first rate drinking establishment. I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in becoming not only a bartender, but the best in the business.”

“I had no previous bartending experience before attending the Academy, but I found that using the Academy as a reference assisted greatly in acquiring my first job. The knowledge gained at the Academy has been most helpful in starting my new career as a bartender.”

“Didn’t think it was possible to learn so much information in two weeks, but your instructor made it very simple.”

“I would recommend this course to all my friends and business associates at my office during the day. It was well worth my money. Thanks for the great education!!!”

“You guys were a true joy. Aside from the superb training and abundance of knowledge you offered, the atmosphere of warmth and friendliness made learning a pleasure and inspired confidence.”

“Great education, informed and comfortable atmosphere. Some of the best money I’ve spent.”

“What impressed me most about the course was the amount and quality of information and the professionalism of the instructors and employees. I feel confident and satisfied with the training I have received.”

“I never thought in two weeks I would learn so many different techniques, but it was taught in such a way it just seems to stick in your mind. And to top it all, within a week of graduating I had a job.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have already recommended it to two friends. I would have never guessed that bartending could be so fun.”

“Excellent course. 100% fun and educational experience. The instructor did an outstanding job in teaching performance and techniques.”

“Excellent course – best ‘hands-on’ training I have ever experienced.”

“This course has been 100% informative and enjoyable. It will be an asset to my bar and restaurant business.”

“I really learned a lot and job placement was excellent.”

“I have had one of the best learning (school) experiences here at Maryland Bartending Academy. A Blast! I now will be able to enter any bar establishment for employment with ease.”

“Enjoyed the class very much. Learned much more than I expected in the two weeks. Highly recommended this course.”

Is it any wonder that 7 out of every 10 new students are referred to us?