Bartending School Tuition

If you’re considering a new career in bartending, you might be wondering about the cost of bartending school tuition. This is a valid concern because if the benefits of bartending classes don’t outweigh the costs, there isn’t really much of a reason to take the classes.

Average Tuition of Bartending School

There should be plenty of benefits to gain from bartending training, and based on the quality of school you choose, you might find a local class for as low as $250, and some as high as $1000.

Normally, it will be somewhere in between these two extremes, from $500 to $750.

Factors that Influence the Cost

Of course, there are a number of factors that determine how much it will cost. The first one is the length of the course. Some are only one week, some are two weeks, and some can even be up to three months if they only have one or two nights per week scheduled.

Obviously, the bartending school tuition will cost more for longer classes than it will for shorter ones.

In addition to the length of the course, you will also pay a premium for higher quality instruction. Some bartending classes are nothing more than a brief lecture and time for hands-on practice, while others go more in-depth and even teach you some fancy tricks as part of the technique known as trick bartending or flair bartending.

In fact, if your goal is to get good at bartending tricks, the value of classes is even greater. It’s much harder to learn a trick without an expert who can watch what you’re doing and give you pointers on how to improve.

Advantages to Bartending Classes

Other perks a higher quality bartending school might provide include TIPS certification and even job placement assistance. The benefits of Bartending School are greater if you have had no personal experience with bartending, but if you take a more expensive class, you’re bound to learn a lot that you didn’t know.

The advantage of taking bartending classes is that you learn to be a bartender MUCH FASTER than if you tried to learn all of that information on the job as a barback or just observing other bartenders. It might take months or years to know as much as you could learn from a short class.

Bartending school tuition might cost you a few hundred dollars, but if you’re passionate about being a bartender and it’s something that interests you, there’s no reason you can’t earn back that money in just a couple weeks on the job. Remember, bartenders earn a lot from tips, and the better you are at your job, the more people will tip you.

If, on top of being good at mixing drinks, you have a light, welcoming attitude and know a few bartending tricks, you will quickly reach your goal — of becoming a bartender — all from that one-time bartending school tuition cost.