Maryland's oldest and most respected bartending school.

Approved by Maryland Higher Education Commmission

Accredited B.B.B. member with an A+ rating.

Plenty of hands-on training behind an actual bar.

We're the school bar owners and managers recommend!

Approved by Professional Bartending Schools of America.

Immediate job placement assistance when you graduate.

Maryland's "Top" rated most recommended bartender school.

Plenty of "free" parking on school property.

209 New Jersey Avenue, N.E.
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060

What You Will Learn

Bartending License Requirements in Maryland


Actually, there is no such thing as bartending license requirements because there is no such thing as a bartender license! Here at The Maryland Bartending Academy, after successful completion of the course requirements, you actually receive a Diploma that certifies you in Professional Bartending.

Here is a glimpse into the types of things you'll be learning once you enroll:

Course of Study: Mixology and Bar Operations (Bartending)

Our comprehensive two-week program is both fast and fun.

You will learn everything needed to be a successful bartender, including:

  • Opening and Closing Procedures
  • Customer Service
  • Glassware
  • Bar Set-Up
  • Liquor Arrangements
  • The Bartender's Station
  • Bar Tools and Equipment
  • Bar Measurements
  • Methods of Mixing
  • Cocktail Additives
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Distilled Spirits
  • Popular Liquors
  • Understanding Wines
  • Preparation of Garnishes
  • Draught Beer Systems
  • Cash Register Training
  • Job Interview Skills
  • State and Federal Laws
  • Alcohol Awareness

... and more than 200 popular drinks including: Highballs, Sours, Creams, Collins, Slings, Fizzes, Exotic/Tropicals, Shooters, Martinis, Manhattans, Rob Roys, Wine, Cordials, Specialty, Frozen, Fads and many more.

Our main goal has always been to provide quality instruction.


We make the learning process fun and easy with plenty of hands-on training behind one of our fully equipped bars. The first half of each 4 1/2 hour session is devoted to lectures, films and demonstrations by one of our highly experienced instructors.

During the second half of the class, students actually step behind our bars to practice their skills as a professional bartender. Remember, once you graduate and leave our school you are representing MBA as well as yourself, so we want you to feel comfortable and know bartending inside and out.

Our program was actually set up and designed to get our students out there working just as quickly as possible. You can start bartending in as little as two weeks. It is our unique teaching methods that make this possible. Our many years of success and the successes of our graduates is a testament to the quality of our program. It works!

In addition to professional training, students also receive:

  • Manuals/Bar Guide and workbooks necessary to complete the course, packed with all the latest drinks and techniques
  • Diploma (which certifies them as a Professional Bartender)
  • Wallet-size Certification Card
  • Immediate Job placement assistance (local or nationwide)
  • Free Refresher Classes
  • Free parking on school property
  • Bartending Career Counseling
  • Additional behind-the-bar practice time
  • Access to our Bartenders Library

Other Classes Available

The following classes are available to the public as well as MBA students for an additional fee. Please consult with one of our consolers regarding these other popular classes.

  1. Alcohol Awareness Training; This class has been approved by the Comptroller of Maryland (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau) and gives more detailed information on the same subject included in our 45 hour Bartending course. All students will receive an additional "State Certification". Training Includes; ID checking procedures, facts about alcohol, cut off techniques, responsible business practices, state laws and more.
  2. Flair Class; If you ever wanted to be like Tom Cruise in the movie "COCKTAIL" this class is for you. Flair Bartending is the act of flipping, spinning, throwing, balancing catching bottles and various bar tools while in the process of making cocktails. In addition, Flair is a way to get closer to the customer, creating a unique atmosphere with entertainment, increasing your gratuities and customer enjoyment. It's not just flipping bottles, it's an art!

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