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Are you a bartender, or thinking about becoming one, and looking for information on how to write a successful bartender resume?

This article will show you exactly what bartender managers are looking for on an applicant’s resume.

Here are some tips on how to get a bartending job with no experience and how Maryland Bartending Academy can help you with our job placement program.

The Importance Of A Good Resume

First, let’s start with what a well-written resume can do for you.

Bartending is a career that is fast-paced, fun, and exciting. But at the same time, it is a job that brings in a lot of revenue for an establishment and employers are looking for the best bartenders available to help their business – whether it is a bar, restaurant, or club – stand above the competition.

Having a well-written resume is crucial for any aspiring bartender, because it is the first thing that your potential future employer sees about you. It is your chance to show off your talents and skills.

You want to impress the hiring manager anyway possible and a one-page resume is a great start.

A well-written resume will show that you are professional and certified for the job. And if written properly, you will get the right job.

What To Include In A Bartender Resume

There are thousands of people, just like you, who would love to get that bartending job at the biggest club in town.

Anybody who has the right personality can become a successful bartender, but what good is it if you are not working at a place that is most profitable?

Even if you are not looking for the best place in town, the competition for bartending can be intense, and only the people who show they have the right skills and certification will get the job.

Here are some things to include in your resume:

  • Your Personal Information: Name, address, phone number & email, of course; also a small passport size photograph of yourself in the top right corner of your resume is a good idea to make you stand out from the crowd on first glance.
    Adding a photo to your resume will help your prospective employer to remember your appearance. If you do put a photo, make sure you are smiling and have a positive body language in the photograph of yourself.
  • Objective: This is where you want to state the whole reason for sending out this resume. It is usually placed right at the beginning of the resume to let the hiring manager know what you are trying to accomplish, or are seeking from the job that is being offered.
  • Qualifications: This is one of the most important parts of your resume. This is where you put down all of the skills you have related to bartending that qualifies you for the job.
    Remember, your resume is your one chance to get the job that you want; any skill that you feel will help your chances of landing the job don’t leave out.
  • Education: In this area, include any schools that you have attended, especially any bartending schools that you have been trained through.
    Make sure to put the years that you attended the establishments, and any degrees or certificates received. Putting the most recent education that you have had at the top of this section.
  • Work Experience: In this section of your resume write down any places that you have worked at in the past, or currently that relate to bartending. It could be a restaurant where you simply worked as a server, or as a bar-back at a local bar.

Make sure you include in your resume any experience that shows the hiring manager you have been behind a bar, or serving drinks.

If you have no restaurant or bartending experience, then include any experience that dealt with customer service or communication. Being a bartender is not just about knowing how to make and measure drinks it also deals with customer service and having a personality that customers can enjoy while they unwind.

See some good bartender resume samples here.

Why Experience Is So Important

Now that you have seen a bartender example resume, you may have noticed how the resume’s writer had a lot of information about skills and experience. He talked about how quick he could pour drinks, and how many different bars he has worked for.

All of this information is important because it is showing the person reading the resume that he has experience, and is qualified.

But what if you are writing your resume in an attempt to get your first job as a bartender?

You won’t have much experience, and you won’t be able to brag about the places you have worked.

So what will catch the potential employer’s eye you may ask…?

Professional Bartending School

It is important for students of the Maryland Bartending Academy to work on their resumes while classes are going on. Writing your resume as you develop the knowledge you obtain in bartending school is a much clearer way of writing your resume.

You can also have your bartending instructor review and edit your resume to help your chances of getting that interview.

Managers of bars and clubs want to see that their future employees have not only experience but also the right training to serve night after night at their establishments.

Hiring a trained bartender is a relief to any manager or owner. Some establishments like having employees with little experience so the establishment can mold that bartender to their liking.

Bartending School is a great way to learn everything you need to know about bartending. And if you live in Maryland near Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Columbia, Ellicott City, Silver Spring, Bethesda, or the surrounding region, then the Maryland Bartending Academy can teach you everything you need to get that bartending job you’ve always wanted.

The Maryland Bartending Academy has been helping future bartenders gain the right experience they need to gain a job right after graduation.

The Maryland Bartending Academy’s two-week, and five-week courses give students experience that they can put on their resumes and impress future employers.

“Your help in finding me a job has given me a good start for a career as a professional bartender.

The four interviews you sent me on, I went into with more confidence than ever.

By the way, all four offered me a job and I had my choice.

I made back the tuition in just one and a half weeks and will have the knowledge forever.

Thanks again for all of your help.”

Melissa Richards, Baltimore, MD

Interested in Building Your Bartending Resume?

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